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Mercedes-Benz Arena (former Gottlieb Daimler Stadium)

© Swen Carlin

Within two years the Mercedes-Benz Arena was retrofitted into a soccer stadium with an integrated gymnasium. During the first phase of construction the lawn was lowered by 1.3 m and the straight edges extended up to the playing field. After the demolition of the Untertürkheimer- and Cannstatter- curves, the new grandstands with a continuous second tier, hospitality area and VfB-fan area were developed. As part of the Untertürkheimer-curve a 38 m wide gymnasium was integrated, for which pre-stressed concrete girders carry the loads from the upper levels. The roof was expanded inwards to cover the new seats, which lie more closely to the playing field. Flying masts were affixed to the existing ring cable nodes and braced through radial cables to the existing upper compression ring. Along with the new ring cable the flying masts mount the cable girders of the roof expansion.

Stuttgart, Germany
asp – Arat Siegel und Partner, Stuttgart
Stadion Neckarpark GmbH&Co.KG
Project Responsibility
Knut Göppert


Technical Data

Covered area
34,000 m² main roof,
3,580 m² roof expansion,
37,580 m² total
Membrane area
40,000 m² total
PES-PVC membrane, full locked cables and open spiral strands
Structural steel
approx. 2,700 t main roof,
approx. 230 t roof expansion
Cable net
approx. 420 t main roof,
approx. 35 t roof expansion
30,000 (new construction of curves),
2,000 (new structure of sports hall)




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