• Milk Market Limerick
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Milk Market Limerick

Limerick, Irland, 2011

A membrane canopy has been designed for the historic milk market courtyard in Limerick as part of the refurbishment efforts in order to enable the local farmers market to take place independantly from environmental influences but still achieve an outdoor ambience. To optimize the usability of the 1,600 m² covered area, the membrane is supported by just one eccentrically aligned mast and is suspended to the four corners of the courtyard without touching any of the preserved structures.

  • Location

    Limerick, Irland

  • Architect

    Healy & Partners Architects, Limerick

  • Awards

    Irish Architecture Award 2011 (People's Choice)

  • Client

    Limerick Market Limerick Trustees

  • Our Scope of Work

    appraisal, schematic design, conceptual design, detailed design, construction design, tender award preparation and participation, technical spots check

  • Roof dimensions 38 x 45 m
  • Membrane 1,400 m² PVC coated Polyester fabric Type IV
  • Height approx. 24 m
  • Milk Market Limerick © Greg O'Shaughnessy
  • Milk Market Limerick © Healy & Partners Architects

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