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Pabellón de Estado at the airport of Madrid-Barajas

The “Pabellón de Estado” at Madrid-Barajas airport provides a terminal for guests of state. The passage way between the two facility wings is covered by an apparently floating double layer membrane roof, supported by a minimized curved steel structure. Three self-supporting glass facades and a suspended glass roof provide the perfect and most transparent envelope for the central hall.
The glass roof exists of suspended steel ribbons with direct glazing.
One-piece vertical glass panels with horizontal glass cantilever, laminated joint in-between facade and glass cantilever shape the glass facade.

Madrid, Spain
Richard Rogers Partnership, Madrid with Estudio Lamela, Madrid
Knut Göppert

Technical Data

Membrane roof
membrane surface approx. 4,000 m²
span 25.20 m
overhang approx. 11 m
height approx. 10 m
Suspended glass roof
glass area approx. 855 m²
span 18 m
height approx. 5,50 m
Glass facades
glass area 3 x approx. 110 m²
height approx. 6 m



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