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Pier “Maritim” Timmendorfer Strand

© schlaich bergermann partner

The existing Maritim pier from 1976 in Timmendorfer Strand, on the German Baltic coast, has fallen into disrepair and is to be replaced. Creating an identity-forming bridge as a unique attraction for the municipality was the main objective. In 2016, an EU-wide competition was therefore launched, where the innovative concept by schlaich bergermann partner prevailed.
The new pier is designed as a robust, integral structure. Its supporting structure consists of a continuous hollow steel box girder with steel cantilevers on the sides. Between these span the secondary steel girders, with a timber floor finish. The hollow steel box girder connects rigidly to the steel columns and is fixed into an abutment under the plaza at the bridge entry. Designed as an organically shaped curve, the pier forms a circular walkway. At the foremost point of the bridge and at the branching point of the deck, seating areas are integrated into the sea bridge.
To illuminate the pier at night, when the level of light on the beach is very low, an appropriate lighting concept is planned. Without lighting up the surrounding area, the illumination enables a safe and pleasant stay on the sea bridge. There are integrated lighting lines in the timber deck to mark the walkway as well as vertically illuminated platforms that lead subtly yet clearly to the seating areas.

Timmendorfer Strand, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
Gemeinde Timmendorfer Strand
Project Responsibility
Mike Schlaich


Technical Data

Total length
427 m (unwound, without jetty area)
250 m (distance from abutment to bridge top)
23 spans with 20 m regular width
varies between 3.0 and 7.2 m
Superstructure height
0.70 m
Bridge area
1,863 m² (without jetties and access ramps)
Jetty area
approx. 320 m² (incl. access ramps)




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