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Railway Station Entrance Canopy

© Roland Halbe

The entrance area of the train station forecourt in Ulm is covered by a transparent glass suspension roof. The glass roof covering hangs freely across a span width of 23 m and is fixed by steel stress ribbons (25 x 60 mm). The 24 m long horizontal edge girders also contribute to the elegant appearance of the roof through their wing-like aluminum cladding. Within this area the resulting horizontal forces from the steel stress ribbons are collected and are transferred into the foundation via 4 bearing brackets.
The roof was demolished in 2017 as part of the redevelopment of the station area.

Ulm, Germany
Jauss + Gaupp + Partner, Friedrichshafen
Stadt Ulm

Technical Data

24.1 m
24.6 m
23.4 m
Height of arch rise
1.2 m
Height above ground
max. 5.7 m / min. 4.5 m
Glass area
570 m²
Glass panels
dimensions 98 cm x 200 cm
thickness 8 mm + 6 mm (top) = 14 mm
Structural steel
51 t


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