• Rehabilitation of BC Place Stadium
    © Michael Elkan

Rehabilitation of BC Place Stadium

Vancouver, Canada, 2011

Considering the structural performance of the existing stadium bowl and the desire for a landmark design in downtown Vancouver, a lightweight cable-membrane structure has been chosen for the roof which works according to the spoked wheel principle. At the perimeter the cables are connected to 36 iconic masts located on top of the existing structure. The system is carefully balanced by an outside compression ring and an inner tension ring providing sufficient stiffness to carry the immense snow loads of up to 200 kg/m² in the Vancouver area. Besides the fixed membrane roof, the structure includes a retractable roof consisting of inflatable membrane cushions which unfold radially. The very transparent 9.500 m² ETFE perimeter facade has a significant influence on the architectural appearance and the interior light conditions. The individual facade panels can be illuminated independently in various colors.

  • Location

    Vancouver, Canada

  • Architect

    Stantec, Vancouver

  • Cooperation

    Geiger Engineers (engineer of record: David Campbell)

  • Awards

    IFAI International Achievement Awards 2012, category Miscellaneous, Award of Excellence; ENR Global Best Projects Awards 2013, Best Project

  • Client

    BC Place, Vancouver

  • Our Scope of Work

    roof: conceptual design, construction design, site supervision; facade: conceptual design

  • Length 261 m
  • Fixed roof 32,500 m² glass/PTFE-membrane
  • Facade 9,500 m² ETFE
  • Closing time 10 min
  • Width 220 m
  • Retractable roof 8,500 m²
  • Seats 56,000
  • Rehabilitation of BC Place Stadium © Friedrich Naher / Hightex
  • Rehabilitation of BC Place Stadium © schlaich bergermann partner

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