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Tram Station Waldau

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The minimalistic membrane roof covers the passenger area of an underground station, where the tracks continue below street level. The fabric is fixed at four organically shaped stainless steel arches spanning 14 meters, which are positioned over the membrane and require no further stabilization. The entire structure is mounted to the side of a concrete wall at street level and is fixated via stainless steel cables according to the distribution of stresses, giving the roof its natural topographic shape.

Stuttgart, Germany
Unold, Stuttgart
Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
Project Responsibility
Jörg Schlaich, Andreas Keil


Technical Data

Span arches
14 m
6 m / 8.5 m
Membrane area
340 m²
Membrane dimensions
10 m x 36 m
Membrane material
glass-fiber textile coated with PTFE, type IV
Stainless steel
18 t
Stainless steel cables
20 / 22 mm, 130 m




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