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World Trade Centre Dresden

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At the borderline of Dresden a new hotel- and office building, the new Word Trade Center Dresden, was constructed. The building consists of two long building blocks parallel to the Ammon Street, and several wings orientated towards the center. A shopping mall is situated in a 120 m long and 24 m wide hall between the building blocks. A glass roof spans across the hall and glass facades enclose the ends.
The glass roof, a barrel vault design according to grid shell principle is made of a directly glazed, rectangular grid of flat steel sections. Steel cables are running diagonally to brace the structure.

Dresden, Germany
Nietz Prasch Sigl, Hamburg
Bürohaus Elbflorenz GmbH; Unternehmensgruppe Büll & Dr. Liedtke, Hamburg
Project Responsibility
Rudolf Bergermann


Technical Data

Roof area
approx. 3,160 m²
Length x width of hall
120 x 24 m
Width x height of facades
24 x 26 m
Span of roof
24.30 m
Arch rise
4.40 m
Grid in horizotanal projection
1.35 x 1.35 m
Glass panes of roof
max. 1.60 x 1.35 m
thermopane glazing
single glazing




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