Audi Center: Terminal and Workshop Building/Parking Garage

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Two independent buildings were constructed for the Audi Center in Stuttgart-Feuerbach: the representative terminal for exhibitions and sales and the functional workshop building including a parking garage. The plans for the four-story terminal include two-story open spaces spanning two stories each. Consequently, two floors span across the entire width of the building. One of the composite floors consists of steel beams and semi-prefabricated parts, the other is made up of pre-stressed concrete trusses and semi-prefabricated parts. Horizontal forces caused by the inclined interior columns are balanced within the structure. In the parking garage, all of the floors are made of hollow-core slabs. The parking space is supported by a lower floor with a girder spanning over 63 meters. The basement is a waterproof structure on a pile foundation. The excavation pit shoring was constructed as an anchored soldier pile wall.

Stuttgart, Germany
Hinrichsmeyer + Bertsch, Böblingen
Volkswagen Group Real Estate
Project Responsibility
Jochen Gugeler


Technical Data

Gross cubic capacity
103.000 m³
floor plan 50 m x 30 m
composite steel beams span up to 25 m
pre-stressed concrete trusses span to 29 m
4 stories
height approx. 19 m
Workshop building/
floor plan 109 m x 18 m
parking garage
span 16.5 m
height approx. 21 m




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