Pedestrian and cycle bridge for regional garden exhibition Frankenberg – check engineering

© Bernd Hiepe

The new bridge links the historic city centre of Frankenberg with the parks on the Zschopau floodplains recently created for the Saxon regional garden exhibition 2019. Twice it crosses the Mühlbachgraben, as well as the federal road B169 and a branch of the Zschopau.
The steel bridge has been designed as an integral structure without bearings. A suspended structure with an inclined mast spans the main road and the river Zschopau; whilst elevated continuous girders form the foreland bridges. The dimensions of the superstructure made of a welded steel hollow box remain consistent across its entire length. Longitudinally, it is divided into three chambers. In the area of the main spans, it is supported by a cable structure that is connected on one side. To prevent vibrations, on the cable side this section of the chamber has been filled with concrete. The foundation was carried out as pile foundation on bored piles with pile cap beams. To ensure a safe passage even in the dark, LED lighting has been integrated in the handrail.

Frankenberg/Saxony, Germany
Stadt Frankenberg
Mike Schlaich

Technical Data

Total length
262 m
Main spans
2 x 39 m
2,50 m
Approach bridges
spans from 17.50 m to 22.50 m,
5 eastern spans,
3 western spans
Height of mast
20 m
Height of steel box girder
400 mm



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