Geosciences and Environmental Research Centre (GUZ) Tübingen – check engineering

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The new Geosciences and Environmental Research Centre (GUZ) Tübingen comprises up to seven floors that will feature office spaces, laboratories, meeting and seminar rooms and a lecture theatre. The reinforced concrete structure contains two lighting and air-flow controlling courtyards, reaching up to the second level. Designed to earthquake zone 3 specifications, the stiffening is provided through reinforced concrete cores and walls in connection with the unstressed reinforced floor slabs. Only the longest spanning slab above the lecture theatre is made of composite steel. The precast concrete and glass structures of the façade contrast and elevate the appearance of the building with double high ceilings that can reach up to 7 m high. Transition areas within the building and on the upper-levels were conceptualised to allow enjoyment whilst transiting throughout the building, as great views towards the city and the internal landscaped courtyards can be appreciated.

Tübingen, Germany
KAAN Architekten, Rotterdam
Land Baden Württemberg
Project Responsibility
Jochen Gugeler


Technical Data

Gross floor area
19,000 m²
Length x width
97 m x 50 m
Typical floor height
4 m
Span of floor slabs
approx. 4.60 m to 9.20 m,
slab above lecture theatre 11.50 m
Thickness of slabs
30 to 34 cm
25 m




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