Hotel and Residential Complex Stralauer Platz 35 – check engineering

Between the railway station East and the north bank of the river Spree the Stralauer Platz in Berlin-Friedrichshain is the place where the longest remaining fraction of the Berlin wall ends. Two new high-rise buildings emerge in the immediate neighbourhood of the East Side Gallery. The area is heritage-protected, which reflects in the design concept that comprises a hotel and apartments.
The long side of the eight-storey L-shaped building adjoins the Stralauer Platz (building component 1), this part is to house a hotel with around 300 rooms. The other wing (building component 2) has been designed for apartments, which face to the park on the premises and towards the river Spree. The apartments in the twelve-storey solitary building with an inner court yard (building component 3) have the same orientation. Altogether approx. 310 apartments are in planning.
The load bearing structures of all building components are made of reinforced concrete. The building components 1 and 3 include wall slabs, which carry the load across several stories. This creates open plan spaces on the ground floor and on the first level, which allow an unobstructed view and a generous access route from the Stralauer Platz to the bank of the Spree.
A single-storey underground parking (building component 4) is also part of the complex. The design of the entire complex meets the energy-efficiency standard “KfW 70”.

Berlin, Germany
Winking Froh, Hamburg
Hilpert AG
Mike Schlaich

Technical Data

Total gross cubic capacity
133,807 m³
Total gross floor area
44,606 m²
Height of building components 1 and 2
23.70 m
Height of building component 3
35 m


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