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The scheme includes the new construction of a warehouse as a steel structure, and an adjacent administrative building comprising a reinforced concrete structure. The single-storey hall is a steel framework cladded with troughed steel sheet metal. The distance between the two-span steel frames is 6.0 m. The rectangular footprint of the administrative building features two atriums notched into the building that form it into the letter E. A truss made of pre-fabricated reinforced concrete beams spans over the atriums and supports a glass roof. Around the two-storey reinforced concrete building, emergency-escape balconies project from the slabs. These are thermally separated from the building by a Schöck Isokorb construction. A pre-stressed cable net serves as anti-fall guard for the balconies. On the top floor, the slab of the emergency-escape balconies rests on projecting supports. The buildings are located in a seismic zone III.

Rottenburg, Germany
Harald Kreuzberger, Rottenburg
Kopp Verlag Rottenburg
Jochen Gugeler

Technical Data

dimension 66.7 m x 6.3 m
height approx. 10.5 m
Administration building
dimension 70 m x 21 m
height approx. 13.5 m


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