Multi-storey car park in Leonberg – check engineering

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With only four storeys the old car park at the train station in Leonberg had become far too small. Furthermore, it was in desperate need of rehabilitation. It was therefore replaced by a larger building that is open 24/7, and enhances the urban quality of the entrance to the town.
Its structure has been designed as a mixed system which includes cross ties and a bracing core that houses lifts and the staircase. The ceilings comprise a steel composite construction. The foundation of the building features a raft foundation including single and strip footings. Other parts are supported by the existing structure.
White façade elements, and a few coloured ones, add a bright and friendly appeal to this functional building. The two lift towers of the car park offer a comfortable way for passengers and passers-by to reach the town’s shopping street on the upper level.

Leonberg, Germany
Chris Mischke, Gerlingen
Stadtwerke Leonberg
Jochen Gugeler

Technical Data

Gross cubic capacity
34,000 m³
Gross floor area
14, 000 m²
Length x width
max. 32.6 m x 47.5 m
Base area
1,548.50 m²
23.5 m
17 parking levels on 8 floors
Parking spaces


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