• New trade fair in Milan: Logo & Vela
    © Ramon Prat

New trade fair in Milan: Logo & Vela

Milan, Italy, 2005

The connecting links between the exhibition pavilions of the new trade fair in Milano are covered by innovative steel-glass-structures. At the main entrance the ‘Logo’ arises: A double-curved free-formed surface, which ascends in the sky like a volcano. This structure will be recognized from afar as the new fair’s landmark. A long, free-formed glass roof, the so-called ‘Vela’, links the individual exhibition halls together along the main axis of the trade fair and absorbs the nearby Alps in its architectural design. Both grids are made up of primarily triangular meshes, which were generated through quadrangular meshes into which diagonal rods were inserted. Particularly challenging was the development of a mesh grid, which would flow seamlessly from the quadrangular mesh within the flat region into the triangular mesh within the freely formed funnel region.

  • Location

    Milan, Italy

  • Architect

    Massimiliano Fuksas, Rom + Paris

  • Client

    Nuovo Polo Fieristico S.c.r.l., Rom

  • Our Scope of Work

    mesh geometry (Logo & Vela), structural design (Logo), structural review (Logo & Vela)

  • Vela, roof surface 46,300 m² (laminated safety glass)
  • Width 32 - 41 m
    22 - 37 m
  • Steel structure 38.00 bars, 16.500 nodes
    3.800 bars, 1.500 nodes
  • Length 1,300 m
    119 m
  • Height 0 - 26 m
    37 m
  • Logo, roof surface 4,300 m² (57 % insulation glazing, 43 % aluminium panels)
  • New trade fair in Milan: Logo & Vela © Ramon Prat
  • New trade fair in Milan: Logo & Vela

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