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“MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart” is a popular venue for luxury and classic car fans. It is located at the outer fringes of the urban development area Flugfeld (airfield) in Böblingen and includes a trade hall, a workshop hall, a themed hotel, as well as cafes and restaurants. The new V8 Superior 4-star Hotel with 153 rooms was built next to the existing V8 Hotel, as part of a comprehensive expansion and redevelopment project of the MOTORWORLD.
The new building is once more all about cars. The hotel room levels (2nd – 6th floor) feature differently themed rooms. A two-storey commercial and sales unit with open arcades is located on the ground floor and on the first upper level. The ground floor houses showrooms and sales areas for vintage and high-end sports cars. Aside from the reception area and restaurants, this part of the building also accommodates conference rooms and car repair workshops. A light-flooded atrium that stretches across all floor levels provides a view from the ground floor to a gallery with more retail space on the top floor.
The particular characteristics of the project include the seismic load analysis (zone 1); a sheet pile wall impermeable to water, to secure the excavation pit; and the application of precast reinforced concrete driven piles.

Böblingen, Germany
CIP Archiktekten Ingenieure, Stuttgart
Activ Immobilien GmbH & Co.KG, Schemmerhofen
Project Responsibility
Jochen Gugeler


Technical Data

Gross cubic capacity
55,600 m³
Gross floor area
15,600 m²
8 (incl. single-storey underground car park)
22.80 m




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