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Yuanshan Bridge (Xiamen Mountains to Sea Trail)


Yuanshan Bridge on the Chinese island of Xiamen spans a multi-lane intersection where Jiahe Road meets Nanshan Road. The bridge leads the footpath from the southeast, following Jiahe Road in a gentle bend across the intersection and turning east into Nanshan Road. In order to allow local pedestrians to cross the intersection, the bridge is linked to the crossing by two staircases and elevators.
The design is not only influenced by the surrounding streets and buildings, but also by the existing subway station located directly under the intersection. This dictates a structure that integrates respectfully into the existing environment, avoiding critical interactions during construction. In addition, the construction should affect ongoing traffic as little as possible. The result is an iconic and geometrically challenging pedestrian bridge consisting of curved hollow steel sections for the superstructure and the arch in combination with a filigree and elegant cable structure and a refined assembly method. Yuanshan Bridge is one of seven footbridges that are part of the Xiamen Mountains to Sea Trail – a 23-kilometre large-scale network of footpaths, elevated walkways, and footbridges, designed by Dissing+Weitling. For this green mobility project, schlaich bergermann partner was commissioned with the structural design of Yuanshan Bridge (No. 3) and Hemei Bridge (No. 2), which are both cable-supported bridges with curved decks and outstanding architectural and structural features.

Xiamen, China
Dissing + Weitling Architecture, Kopenhagen
Xiamen Municipal Construction Development Co., Ltd.
Project Responsibility
Sven Plieninger



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Technical Data

Total length
130 m
Main span
92.3 m (curved)
76 m (straight)
39.4 m
walkway 3.8 m
hollow-box section 4.4 m
Bridge deck
height 0.80 m
area 572 m²
structural height 29 m
inclination 62°
13 x Ø 50 mm open spiral strand stainless steel cables




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