• Audi Neckarsulm
    © Audi

Audi Neckarsulm

Neckarsulm, Germany, 2005

After winning the competition for the expansion of the AUDI industrial complex at Neckarsulm, schlaich bergermann partner working in conjunction with Beucker Maschlanka und Partner were commissioned for the entire design of the three buildings. The sales and exhibition building is covered by an impressive double-curved wide span roof. Inclined glass facades envelope the building. An elliptical glazed skylight, suspended by stainless steel cables, is located centrally on the roof structure.The columns of the structure are arranged on a 10 x 10 m grid. The 5-storey parking garage is an optimized steel-concrete composite structure parly made of pre-fabricated elements. Long ramps are suspended from the roof to reach the various levels. The workshop building, an industrial-like long steel structure, has its service rooms at the top.

  • Location

    Neckarsulm, Germany

  • Architect

    BM + P Architekten, Düsseldorf

  • Client

    Audi AG, Ingolstadt

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design, site supervision

  • Length / width / height 100 / 80 / 22 m
    190 / 35 / 25 m
    Workshop Building
    190 / 40 / 9 m
  • Steel quantity of Roof 1,000 tons (5,000 m²)
    Car Park Building
  • Audi Neckarsulm © Audi
  • Audi Neckarsulm © Audi

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