• Hybrid building for Brunner / Innovation Factory
    © Foto: HGEsch

Brunner Innovation Factory

Rheinau (Baden), Germany, 2018

A new hybrid building was constructed for the furniture manufacturer Brunner in the city district of Freistett in Rheinau. It is home to their assembly, design and administration departments and a staff canteen. A common roof spans the various spaces.
In line with the aesthetics of Brunner furniture, the design objectives for the roof were airiness, refinement and the use of wood.
The built roof consists of modular timber truss girders made of laminated veneer lumber. The structural articulation in primary, secondary and tertiary bearing members is indicated by the number of lamellae. Thus, the main girder consists of three lamellae, the cross girder of two lamellae and the tertiary girder of only one lamella. To keep the roof structure free of intersections, the pane effect of the trapezoidal sheet metal covering has been activated to provide bracing for the entire hall.
The building creates an ideal environment featuring high-quality workplaces which correspond to the company's commitment to process-oriented and sustainable development.

  • Location

    Rheinau (Baden), Germany

  • Architect

    HENN, Berlin

  • Awards

    Beispielhaftes Bauen Ortenaukreis 2014-2020, Auszeichnung

  • Client

    Brunner GmbH

  • Contractor

    Kaufmann Bausysteme

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design; BIM project

  • GFA 6,500 m²
  • Height 10 m
  • Laminated veneer lumber 320 m³ used in construction
  • Length x width approx. 63 m x 95 m
  • Spans timber truss girder 15.75 m / 10.50 m
  • Hybrid building for Brunner / Innovation Factory © HGEsch Photography

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