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CYTS Plaza

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China’s second largest travel Company has built a 20-storey high-rise with post and mullion facade in the center of Bejing. Two glazed cable net walls – with an almost invisible support structure – open the view to two spacious atria at opposite sides of the building; a glass roof spans over the atriums and their 9 m wide connection hall. The facade structure consists of a steel frame with horizontal beams every 14.4 m. Vertical cables are anchored to the steel frame at top and to the concrete foundation, and after pre-stressing also to the horizontal beams. Cable clamps at every point of intersection also act as glass fittings. The main girders of the glass roof span over 20 m at a distance of 8.1 m. The I-profile cross girders have a span of 8.1 m and – like the vertical cables of the facade – a distance of 2.04 m between them, and are suspended by a steel cable with round members as verticals. T-profile purlins support the glass panes and stabilize the cross girders.

Beijing, China
gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd.
Project Responsibility
Hans Schober
Facade, Glass, High-rise


Technical Data

Glass facade
area 2 x 1,500 m²,
width 20 m x height 75 m,
grid size width 2.04 m x height 1.8 m (cable net + glass panes),
cable diameter vertical 24 mm, horizontal 26 mm
Glass roof
area approx. 870 m²,
span 20 m in atriums, 9 m in inner passage,
length 56.7 m,
panes 2.04 m x 1.35 m




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