• European Parliament Luxembourg
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European Parliament Luxembourg

Luxembourg, 2017

To cover the growing space requirements for the general secretary of the European Parliament in Luxembourg the existing legislative building will be redeveloped and expanded. The entire complex extends over a surface of 46,000 m² with 4 basement levels underneath. The new approx. 70 m high office tower with fully glazed assembly rooms arranged to the sides serves as the eye-catcher of the complex. To the south, north and west 7-story office buildings create the boundary development of the complex. A circumferential roof at the height of the 7th story emphasizes the integration of all the building parts into the complex.

  • Location


  • Architect

    Heinle Wischer Gesellschaft für Generalplanung mbH, Stuttgart

  • Cooperation


  • Client

    Parlement Européen, Administration des Bâtiments Publics, Luxembourg

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design, site supervision

  • Gross floor area 230,000 m²
  • Height 25 - 70 m
  • Basement floors 1-3 underground car park,
    4 technical building equipment
  • Main usable area 180,000 m²
  • High-rise 14 m x 50 m base area
    20 upper floors
  • Certification BREEAM excellent
  • European Parliament Luxembourg © Heinle, Wischer und Partner
  • European Parliament Luxembourg © Heinle, Wischer und Partner

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