• TRUTEC Building
    © Christian Richters

TRUTEC Building

Seoul, South Korea, 2006

The TRUTEC Building Korea is situated in the new and modern "Digital Media City" district in Seoul. Kaleidoscopical, mirrored facade elements endow the facade with an unmistakable sculptural appearance. It presents a continuously changing spectacle throughout the day with its changing reflections due to varying weather conditions and levels of light. The structure consits of 16.2 m long composite beams and steel columns for the upper floors, an eccentrically positioned service core and a reinforced concrete multi-level basement. Owing to the very high earth pressures plus the structurally unfavourable arrangement of "split levels" below ground, a three-dimensional system of walls and floors was required to ensure the necessary stability.

  • Location

    Seoul, South Korea

  • Architect

    Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Berlin

  • Client

    Trumpf Immobilien GmbH + Co. KG

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design

  • Floors above ground level 12
  • Building height 53.90 m
  • Typical floor height 4.20 m
  • GFA 20,000 m²
  • Floors under ground level 5
  • Typical floor area 1,115 m²
  • Floor height lobby 8.40 m
  • TRUTEC Building © schlaich bergermann partner
  • TRUTEC Building © sbp

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